Artificial Intelligence – The current and future state

Artificial intelligence is the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. These machines can perform human actions such as speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception and language translation.

The future of Immersive content is increasingly blurring the line between reality and virtual reality. New media and entertainment options will inevitably merge in a way that has never been imagined.

Passive 2D content will still exist (2D material includes photographs, prints and posters which have only two-dimensional characteristics), alongside more immersive, interactive multi-dimensional content experiences. These experiences will open new worlds of opportunity and redefine social activities, leisure, travel, sports, and entertainment.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become embedded into everyday lives and have forever changed the way humans communicate. They have also changed our expectations of what is possible with interactive media. Social media has changed our expectations of future content and media experiences.

With these digital platforms we have the opportunity to communicate and share information or graphics with anyone, from family members to complete strangers, from people in their physical communities to people around the world who speak different languages and come from different cultures and backgrounds. [Is this really what AI can do?}

Immersive media has brought the future closer to us. It is pulling many industries together through the manipulation of reality.

We see examples in social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well

as search engines like Google. Because their developers are constantly working on software

upgrades in order to meet our increasing demands, we have seen huge growth in a short space of time. We have seen many platforms like multimedia, links to websites, news, and many more which operate on these sites all together.


For individuals these sites have learned to follow and analyse our internet activity to the point where the algorithms recommend sites and pages which are best suited for us based on search histories and what sites we spend time on the most. This continually being incorporated into the world of education, marketing, news and much more.


With the help of Artificial intelligence, convenience will be our best friend. Software that can learn our individual behavior, study our patterns and recommend what we need from there.


In conclusion artificial intelligence is at the centre of a new enterprise to build computational models of intelligence. The main assumption is that intelligence (human or otherwise) can be represented in terms of symbol structures which can be programmed in a digital computer. Artificial intelligence has given us the ability to be where we are and in the future at the same time.

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