Are you studying beyond your MBA curriculum?

We live in the 21st century. Over the past couple of decades, things have drastically changed in the higher education sector. For starters, classroom education isn’t the only medium of learning anymore. Also, you can’t completely rely on your college for education. It will not be enough to land your dream job. The world around us is getting immensely competitive. If you want to stay afloat, then you need to get out from the chasms of mediocrity and think beyond your MBA curriculum. If you can’t get up and run, then start crawling. It is important to believe that you want to achieve greatness in life. Following are the steps you can take to think beyond MBA programs in Nigeria and their curriculum:

Online Courses:

Short management courses in Lagos are the next big thing to stand-out in the market. Why travel thousands of miles or struggle for entrance exams, when you can enrol for a specialised course from the same institute? Today, some of the leading institutes in the world have hired highly experienced faculty for conducting short management courses.  Let us assume that you enrol for a short and simple course in ethical hacking. Such a course will provide you loads of job opportunities. After completing this course, you will become proficient in programming and coding. It will be particularly helpful if you’re interested in cyber security.

Social Media Networks:

If you believe that social media platforms are merely meant for connecting with your friends and sharing memes, then you’ve got it completely wrong. These platforms can also help you with your quest to acquire knowledge and develop skills.  For instance, you can join Reddit to connect with experts in your industry. There are many dedicated subs, where experts connect with others and share knowledge. You can even dig deeper into internet to read research papers from experts in your industry.

At Regenesys, we offer a myriad range of short management courses. These courses are designed to prepare you for the future and equip you with the necessary skills to become industry-ready. If you are curious about our courses, then reach us at info@regenesys.com.ng 

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