Are You curious to know what a Digital Marketing Manager does?

The phrase ‘digital marketing is the future’ has become ad nauseam; and the phrase ‘digital marketing jobs are high paying’ no longer evokes a goggle-eyed response. Digital Marketing has been around for the last decade or so, but there is still a dearth of good digital marketers. There are several modules in digital marketing and each module has its role in marketing, but here we will focus on the role of a Digital Marketing Manager.

The digital marketing manager is responsible for planning, developing, executing and measuring marketing campaigns for a business. The campaigns are designed to promote and sell the products and services of a business and even for branding purposes. Branding of a business in the digital world is the whole and sole responsibility of the digital marketing manager who (generally) directly reports to the VP of Marketing and Sales. Beside branding and promotion, the digital marketing manager is also responsible for driving traffic to the website and lead management. The digital marketing manager also makes use of analytical tools extensively (search engine analytics, social media analytics and others). Digital analytic tools are helpful in measuring marketing campaigns, understanding user behavior and for budget allocation for future campaigns and advertising. The digital marketing manager should always be up to date with the changes in the digital space, because there is always a new tool, website or app popping up which can be utilized for marketing purposes. Digital marketers also collaborate with PR agencies to devise media strategies for branding. Digital Marketing manager manages a team specializing in different modules of marketing including graphic designer, content writer / copywriter, and SEO.

The main responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager are given below:

  • Coordinating with the web designer and providing inputs to make the website SEO friendly.
  • Developing a content strategy to meet daily / monthly online objectives.
  • Ensuring the ranking of the website, its products and services through SEO and paid marketing, SEM.
  • Converting the website visits into sales through easy navigation strategizes, deals and offers.
  • Brand building and consumer engagement through social media marketing.
  • Consolidating the entire digital marketing goals to align with organizational goals.
  • Measuring (ROIs) and assessing (KPIs) the goals, conversions and outputs for every marketing campaign.
  • Tracking online trends and analyzing insights to optimize marketing initiatives.
  • Conducting meetings with all stakeholders and apprising the success of marketing, deciding future marketing goals and budget, and coming up with innovative products and services.
  • Meeting and collaborating with agencies and vendors to promote digital presence.
  • Consolidating multi-channel analytics to apprise the higher management about marketing success.
  • Other ad hoc initiatives etc.

This huge list of responsibilities is still not an exhaustive list of the responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager.

So, did you find the profile of a Digital Marketing Manger exciting? This role is important in every organization and the remuneration offered is high. The Certificate in Advanced Digital Marketing course offered at Regenesys will enrich your knowledge in digital marketing and help you attain success in this sought after profile.

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