An MBA curriculum should address Fitness

Emphasis on the importance of strong physical education program only remains restricted to the school level. But once the student steps out of the school, all that he/she is expected to do is to work on their career prospects. If you are into performing arts or sports then fitness becomes your job, but what happens to the youngsters who end up working for long hours in an office environment.

Management and business schools in the world are known for their rigorous and ambitious programs. Students eventually hole up in libraries, classrooms and other enclosed spaces working on a dream job. But, if we look at the present and the future, do we see a healthy and sustainable life for the aspiring youth? Apart from their health, one may also wonder about the type of person that would be a leader of tomorrow? A lot of conversation among parents and doctors revolves around the sedentary lifestyle of people and the eventual effect on their mental and physical health. Conditions like obesity, cholesterol, lethargy, dullness and at times even serious diseases develop at a much earlier stage in life. The focus is not just on the physical health. Issues like depression, anxiety, stress has grabbed a lot of attention, and rightly so.

These issues call for a change in a way we look at educational institutions where a lot of habits develop and stays with the youth throughout their life. There is no age to stay fit and hence it cannot be looked as something that you do in the physical training period at school or as something that people who participate in sports and dance should care about. Staying active should be a part of every person’s life at every stage in life.

Fitness comes in all shapes and forms. The number of options available in the country speak for themselves; as per interests there is the traditional gym, different forms of Dance classes, Zumba, Yoga, Tennis or a simple park for Jogging. But with the stressful life in a city like Mumbai, where reaching from one place to another means getting stuck in traffic often dissuades people from enrolling themselves in any of these activities. While students from B-schools and management institutes spend most of their day in the campus, they may feel motivated to attend a session of yoga if offered under the same roof.

This is where many institutes now see the need to bring the activities to their campus.. B-Schools should offer students knowledge and skills but in order to be effective managers students need other skills to strengthen their mental and physical wellbeing which will give space for self-awareness and empathy.

So why do students and ultimately managers need physical and mental fitness? There are many reasons for this but the ones which hold high importance are as follows:

  • As managers who tend to lead teams, fitness can have a positive impact not only on the output at work but also develop a conducive environment to work in for the team.
  • On an individual level, fitness activities also allow students to relieve the stress, driving excellence and better focus on the task at hand.

The future of a good educational institute rests on the faculty and the kind of program they offer. But, in the current environment of competition and stressful routines, the need for mental and physical health is gaining attention. Researchers have observed a strong connection between physical exercise and the brain. It has been observed that not only does physical activity help the body, but it also improves brain function when it comes to making decisions. Physical exercise in educational institutions can set the tone for students to understand that staying active and healthy is an important goal to have and essential to be carried throughout their lives.

Regenesys Institute of Management has been offering Yoga and Zumba sessions for their students to foster their physical, mental and emotional well-being year long.

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Written by: Dr. Richa Arora, Group CEO and Director at the Regenesys Business School.

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