“Sometimes I feel guilty at work because I’m having so much fun.”

This is such a silly statement because we should all have the privilege of loving our work. When we work at what we love, it no longer seems like work, but rather play.

Why do so few people reach the goal of monetising what they love doing most? Most people seem to be content to seek their dream job instead of creating it. Although the few may find their dream employment, most are frustrated at work and spend their time jumping from job to job. Creating our dream profession is a lot more difficult, yet the various rewards make the challenges and sacrifices worthwhile.

Ask yourself the following questions and make the necessary changes to align your passion with your profession:

  • What would I do if money was not an issue?
  • Can I teach it or sell it or service others with it?
  • Do I need to raise funds?
  • How can I market it?
  • Do I need to study further?
  • Can I start on a part-time basis?
  • Should I do it alone or with someone I trust?
  • What life changes do I need to make to develop my dream?
  • Will it feed my soul?
  • What is stopping me from putting a plan together to start it?

The journey to following our purpose and passion is generally not simple and we find ourselves embarking on detours along the way. However, each step along the way generates a wonderful sense of achievement and fulfils our purpose.

Aligning our passion with our profession gives us a spring in our step and a reason to joyfully start work each day. Give it some thought and possibly tweak your destination plans.

By Karen Lancaster

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