A Student’s Secret Guide To Choosing The Right MBA Programme!

An MBA degree can be considered as a gateway to the top table. Getting an MBA from the right school is a sure shot way of landing a better job and accelerating your career.

Deciding to pursue an MBA is a big decision, but you still have many other important things to decide before actually joining the MBA Programme and starting classes. For example, which MBA programme should I choose and how it will help me develop holistically?

Each year, more than 800,000 prospective students apply to MBA and more than one million students are enrolled in a business school at any given time. 

As you embark on your journey to pursue, you need to answer one fundamental question — which MBA programme is apt for me?

Finding the right programme at the right school is not just about looking at the rankings or choosing one touted as “prestigious”. The key to making the right choice is to scrutinizing why you want to take up an MBA degree and what do you expect it to do for you.

A learning opportunity can be considered worthwhile if it creates powerful leaders and managers, not just graduates. This is for students who want to develop as a person and scale new heights. An MBA programme should not focus solely on the theory but should help students to apply these theories in practical situations.

A practically-inclined MBA programme prepares students to be better able to face the trials and tribulations of a challenging, global workplace. The idea is not just to make you technically proficient, but also to help you develop a personality that’ll prove to be an asset to the organisation you work in!

Firstly, an elusive and most important criterion is finding the right fit. No matter how prestigious the institution, you won’t be happy there if you don’t feel there’s a good fit for you. Find the perfect intersection of your thoughts and values with the program’s culture and priorities.

One of the obvious reasons why students want to enroll in a good MBA programme is to get a good job and earn more money. Career Assistance, job opportunities, and paid internships are something to look out for. 

Choosing an institute that associates with organisations from different sectors is ideal. This way, you have the choice to select from a wide range of companies to intern with, and work for.

However, more than mouth-watering starting salaries, look for a programme that will help you develop the most in-demand skills and competencies. This will help you in the long run, not just the day after graduation!

Along with theoretical knowledge, you must also focus on the communication and presentation skills covered in the curriculum. These skills will actually help you build a more holistic career in any organisation, and also help you climb the corporate ladder faster.

Moreover, when it comes to choosing a business school for an MBA programme, it is essential to evaluate if it has the right accreditations and the kind of associations it is affiliated to. 

An increasing number of students want to pursue an MBA degree abroad — that’s the trend today! International exposure and a better opportunity to get a higher pay package, along with the opportunity to settle in a foreign country, draw in students like bees to honey.

However, studying and staying in just one country still limits the possibilities of a global career. An MBA Programme should help you gain exposure to multiple countries and cultures making you more ready as an individual to pursue global career opportunities. Not just that — you get to experience the economic environments of the different countries, and are better equipped to deal with the challenges that arise from having a global career!

Many veteran MBA pass-outs will ascertain that a useful thing they got out of business school is a vast network of contacts. So, consider what network will benefit you the most. Many schools strive to create diverse classes with the ability to generate contacts across the globe.

The MBA programme should provide high-level connections into the industry that you’re interested in, and that will be truly dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals.

Think of the criteria that matter to you the most before deciding on the right MBA programme. You may then find that you are not just limited to the handful of top b-schools that dominate the rankings.

Looking For The Right MBA Programme? Regenesys’ Multi-Country MBA Is One Of It’s Kind!

Regenesys’ Multi-Country MBA helps to prepare future leaders of tomorrow by reversing the conventional pedagogy followed by most institutions! While the traditional way follows a structure that focuses on theory and exams first, and then on getting a job, Regenesys follows an ‘inverse pedagogy’ — the focus is more on learning problem analysis, leading to an internship, and later dealing with theory and exams.

Regenesys also encourages holistic education — one that focuses on emotional and spiritual intelligence, along with technical excellence. The idea is to create leaders who are prepared to handle the challenges that come with the changing corporate landscape and a whole new workplace that is ‘people-centric’ and not limited to processes and getting the job done!

Regenesys’s Multi-Country MBA programme gives you the advantage of studying in two different countries — India and South Africa. You enroll for one programme, and gain two distinct certifications, along with the opportunity to pursue two paid internships and the possibility of being employed in any one of the two countries!

The Regenesys MBA International Leadership Programme offers 100% placement guarantee along with 2 paid internships as well!

Regenesys has all the necessary higher education and further education accreditations, that make it a credible business school to study at!

What’s more, we also focus on communication skills that constitute a huge, often neglected part of a student’s professional journey. This helps you become a more well-rounded individual capable of facing the world at large!

To Conclude… 

Regenesys can be the right fit for you and provide you with all-around holistic grooming. Without closing the doors of the degree with mere theory, it widens out learning with the application of knowledge in real life situations. With the all-new inverse pedagogy, you can take a big step towards cultivating real-world knowledge and skills that make you stand out!

To know more about Regenesys’ MBA programme, head here!

Written by: Dr. Richa Arora, Group CEO and Director at the Regenesys Business School

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