5 Undeniable Reasons Online Digital Marketing Courses Are Here To Stay

With the advent of technology and the increasing penetration of internet services, there is a surge in online courses. An online environment is like a virtual classroom which students can attend from the safe confines of their homes. There are several Learning Management Software (LMS) which are easy to log into. A simple web browser would suffice to login and access all the PDFs, video tutorials, and to attend live classroom sessions.

Okay, so which is the most popular course that is taught online? There are several online course available, from technology to managerial, but the one course that stand apart in terms of volume, is an online course in Digital Marketing.

There are many benefits of doing a Digital Marketing course online.

Flexible hours

Digital Marketing courses can be done by anyone, working professionals or students. The best motivation to do it online is the flexibility in timings. There are lectures that one has to attend at a specific time, but besides that, students can login anytime they feel and study the training material present in the LMS. An online course can be accessed from anywhere (even while travelling) as long as the login credentials are known. Besides timings, there is also flexibility in attending missed classes. For instance, at Regenesys, if a student has missed one or more live classroom session, they are given the option to attend the missed session with another batch of students.

Lesser Fees

Since students are not needed to be present in the classroom and as institutes save overheads, its benefits are passed on to the students in the form of lesser fees. Digital Marketing offers yet another benefit to the students as they can take up freelance jobs while learning. The projects at Regenesys give students real world experience which helps them land jobs quicker.

Learning from the best

Online faculties are industry experts who give valuable insights into the real world projects on Digital Marketing that they worked on. Learning from industry experts helps a student understand what works and what does not, in the world of digital marketing. For instance, the faculty for Digital Marketing at Regenesys is an industry veteran with 9+ years of experience in diverse domains including Search Engine Marketing, Visual Merchandising and Strategic Planning.

Technology driven

Digital marketing makes use of several tools which are hard to explain or demonstrate in a traditional class. An online classroom is an ideal place to understand all the tools and work on it. Let’s consider the keyword tools that are available online. There are over 20 keyword research tools that are available. In a traditional classroom it is not possible to go through each and everyone of them to find out which is best suited for a specific scenario. But, in an online class, students get the opportunity to research on each tool.

Active participation

Several students are introverted in a traditional classroom, but in an online learning environment they can simply type in their queries. This promotes active participation and better understanding of the subject for everyone.

With so many benefits of online Digital Marketing, it is undeniable that these courses are here to stay.


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