5 Types of Learning Mediums you must know!

MBA is one of the most interactive, practical and fulfilling programmes in higher education. Today, even the best management courses in Lagos have diverse teaching methods. Since a majority of B-school have a congregate setting, so it is understood that most students will spend a majority of hours in classrooms. However, with latest technological advancements and pedagogical changes in higher education, there has been lots of changes in the learning mediums of B-schools. The learning medium varies in every college, as these is no homogeneous approach of teaching. Still, let us find out 5 different types of learning mediums:


Lectures are one of the most preferred mediums of learning in B-schools. In this medium, students are taught using PowerPoint presentations. In order to add some juice into the session, a couple of videos are chipped in during the lecture. It is a passive learning experience for students, as it is completely driven by the professor. It is also one of the most extensive mediums of education. Here, lectures involve various examples and anecdotes by the professor to explain a particular concept.

Case Study:

In this learning format, the professor explains a particular concept through a historical analysis. Most MBA aspirants are interested to be a part of case studies. It helps invoke curiosity and desire to know more. It explains why even the top MBA colleges in Nigeria include case studies as a part of their curriculum. During case studies, students are supposed to look for solutions to critical business situations and problems.

Online Learning:

In the past decade, there has been a growing trend of online education. More and more colleges have come up with online courses. Today, you can find a specialised learning programme on a plethora of topics, ranging from emerging technologies to HR. Since these certifications courses are highly regarded by industry experts, so the number of students enrolling for them has been increasing drastically.

Experimental Learning:

It is undoubtedly the most immersive method of teaching. It allows students to dive deeper into their industry of interest. It has been a growing trend in most management colleges. For years, industry leaders have been complaining about the skill-gap. Experimental learning is the answer to not just skill-gap, but even tech-gap. With the help of this medium of learning, MBA graduates are equipped for living up to the market expectations.


Simulation is learning medium, which is still catching up, as most colleges have been slow to evolve with the changing times. This learning medium involves technology for imparting education. The best aspect of simulation-based learning is that it allows professors to give instant feedbacks. Simulation games help students to experience real-life situations. It also helps them with responses to high-pressure and critical business situations.

At Regenesys, we believe in preparing our students for the future. Therefore, our aim is to always use diverse learning mediums for imparting education. Whether it’s online education or learning through case studies, we help them become job-ready. To know more about our courses, reach out to us at info@regenesys.com.ng 


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