5 Online Education Clichés every Online Educator should avoid

Online education is an exceptional mode for teaching students. It is an engaging medium which enables students to learn at the comforts of their home. Over the years, more and more universities have started offering short management courses in Lagos and embraced technology to reach out to students.  However, there are some online education clichés, which every online educator must avoid.

Excessive PowerPoint Presentations:

A majority of educators believe in heavy dose of PowerPoint presentations. Such a learning medium is boring and monotonous in the long run. Additionally, since PPTs are difficult to load, so students tend to avoid downloading them.

Quizzes are fun!

Well, they are not. If you want to make your course one of the best online programs Nigeria, then get rid of quizzes. They are out of fashion. You should rather adopt immersive and innovative mediums for conducting online lectures. However, if you have to use quizzes, then try to use them sparingly.

More text = More Information

Students join an online program with expectations of learning new things. If you just add up more text to make it seem like you’re giving more information, then students would know the difference. It’s a cliché and students wouldn’t appreciate such an approach. As an educator, you should keep your lectures and topics short and precise. It is to ensure that students can easily retain information and keep returning to the subject.

Cover the basics:

While on paper, it’s a great idea to a cover all the critical issues, but you should try avoiding it. You don’t want knowledge gaps, but if you spend lots of time on something, which doesn’t deserve explicit attention. If students are not aware about the basics of management, then they are probably not ready for the management education.

Making it Easy:

There is no point in sharing over-simplified voice-overs and videos for teaching students. Educators should rather focus on creating engaging videos, which can invoke creativity and critical thinking.

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