5 Myths about Higher Education

Regular MBA colleges are the only source of education:

There is a general perception amongst youths and masses in general that regular MBA colleges are the only source of acquiring education for student. This perception is far from true. Today, the world is rapidly going digital. The education section has also caught up in the digital wave. In recent years, innumerable online education portals have come up. In fact, reputed universities and colleges are offering short management courses in Lagos. Students can reach up to the college online and enrol for a desired program. Yes. Learning new things and acquiring education is now this easy.

An MBA degree is all you need for excelling in life:

We live in a technologically-driven era where market expectations from MBA have changed drastically. Today, industry leaders expect fresh graduates prefer knowledge and skills over degree. There priorities have also changed due to increasing competition. Therefore, if you are hoping that merely getting an MBA degree is all you need to excel in life, then you might be in for a rude surprise.

Degree is Important. I can learn skills at job.

Another myth extremely popular about higher education is that degree is important and it’s going to be your direct entry to a job. If you think so, then probably it’s time to break your bubble. In recent years, the number unemployed graduates have soured at a rampant pace. The situation is such that students are taking any available job, just to get some relevant experience in their respective fields. The worst aspect of higher education is almost 90% management graduates stay unemployable months after completing their MBA program. If you want to get job, then you should consider enrolling for specialised courses. These courses offer you certifications in highly demanded subjects. You will become every employer’s favourite if you can balance between technical and soft skills.

Online MBA Program isn’t an ideal career option:

It is one of those myths that most MBA graduates have gone at least once while looking for MBA colleges. While online MBA programs have their share positive aspects like flexibility, affordability, access to latest technologies, and diversity, they are equally helpful for your career. In fact, there are many colleges and universities who consider online MBA as regular MBA program. So, what’s stopping you? Enrol in one of the best online MBA programs Nigeria and race towards your dreams.

Online MBA graduates earn less than University graduates:

Let’s burst this lie. For starters, online MBA and University graduates have almost similar salaries. Online MBA courses are shorter and flexible, so you can start earning sooner than regular graduates. Another positive aspect is that an online MBA is an affordable option when compared to university education.

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