4 Must-have Skills To Excel In International Business

An MBA graduate needs to have skills, period. But what are the skills that stand out? Of course, technical skills and business acumen is mandatory to perform and complete tasks successfully. According to industry leaders, having the right soft skills is the difference maker.

The skillsets required to operate an international business is different, with more emphasis on soft skills. So what are the soft skills needed to excel in an international business environment?

Communication Skills

An international business involves working in a culturally diverse business environment and dealing with people from across the globe. A culturally diverse communication style must be harnessed so as to communicate with clients, colleagues, senior management and customers. Developing such a style requires patience, research and mentorship. A deep cultural understanding is also required to enhance communication skills in a multicultural world. For instance, workplace confrontation is dealt differently in different parts of the world. Another example is the simple eye contact. In some parts of the world it is a sign of confidence, whereas, in other parts it is considered rude. This is why research is important to enhance one’s communication skill in an international arena.

Another important aspect of communication that is often overlooked is listening skills. Active listening is important in multilingual businesses.

Networking Skills

MBA graduates have a strong network; it is at the nucleus of an MBA course. When it comes to International MBA, this network has to be global. A strong network is not only good for business opportunities but also for job opportunities. (Nowadays, professionals make use of networking to land good jobs). Communication skills yet again play a vital role in networking as interacting with global leaders is not just about selling, but forging meaningful bonds. A business school offering a programme in international MBA is the best way of developing a professional network. This is because of the cultural diversity that exists right from the classroom level and because of the diverse background of the faculties.

Quick learning skills

The business world is forever changing, but the pace at which it changes has grown manifold in the last decade. In such scenarios a graduate who is able to think out of the box and deliver, is a valuable asset. This quality is termed adaptive thinking and the best way to nurture this ability is by curbing impulses, and cultivating a habit of thoughtful action.

Team work skills

Building a strong network and taking quick decisions are good, but working well as a part of the team is perhaps the most important skill to learn and apply for success in an international business environment. Team work is pivotal for success in any organization, but in an international setting one has to work with people from different countries, with different cultures. It requires a lot of patience, comprehension of cultures and humility to succeed. So, while studying for an International MBA, one must learn how to work as a part of a team, take lead or let others lead as per circumstance, give and receive feedback, and share credit.

An international MBA is a fulfilling career choice but to excel in this domain the above skills need to learnt and imbibed early on.

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