10 Reasons To Pursue BBA Without Fear

Bachelors of Business Administration or BBA is a three-year undergraduate course which has risen in popularity in the last decade. It has given a much needed relief to students who where erstwhile restricted to the choices of science and commerce. BBA is an excellent course for future leaders because it teaches communication and managerial skills, entrepreneurship, finance, business strategies etc. at a very early stage of a student’s life. Students are also offered electives to specialize, which will later prove useful in the management profile. But, some students are still skeptical about doing a BBA course, so here are 10 reasons why one should pursue BBA and allay any fears of it.


  1. Early training in management– BBA introduces management lessons to a student at an early stage. While others contemplate about doing an MBA after graduation, BBA students know for sure that they have to do an MBA to take their managerial skills to the next level. Communication skill, analytical skills, critical reasoning, etc. are some of the skills that an MBA imparts, which a BBA student is already trained in.
  2. Ample time to learn management– As mentioned, BBA students gets trained in management skills early on, so they have ample time to work and master the skills that will come in handy while in a professional career.
  3. Cost effective course– The cost for BBA course is less compared to science, law, medicine or engineering courses. And the job opportunities after completion of graduation for BBA students is more. This makes BBA a cost effective and value added course.
  4. Different job profiles– BBA does not restrict the job profile of students. After graduation students can take up jobs in sales, market analysis, operations, planning and strategy, as team leads and in digital marketing.
  5. Future job profiles – The job profiles of a BBA graduate gives then enough exposure to managerial roles in the future. The opportunities for BBA graduates who complete an MBA is sky high.
  6. Professional degree– BBA is a professional degree that opens the doors for career in business and management. BBA teaches students to think like a manager from the start.
  7. Excellent remuneration– A BBA degree opens the doors for managerial and administrative jobs. With enough experience and an MBA degree, the candidate can expect very high pay packages.
  8. Personal development– Similar to an MBA, BBA also trains its students in soft skills. BBA students are able to communicate and conduct themselves with confidence. The skills and importance of leading a team and being part of a team are learnt through practice.
  9. Business need for BBAs– The industry as well as the surge in startups has led to a huge demand for candidates with leadership skills who can effortlessly work in operations, administration, HR and other organization rungs.
  10. Stepping stone to MBA. Period.


The curriculum of a three year BBA course includes strategic management, financial management, project management, Business Law Research Methodology and more. Qualified candidates with requisite skillsets will have no problem crafting an excellent career in management.

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